Custom Food Products, Inc. is a sister company to NPC that specializes in the sous vide method of food preparation. Although the majority of products are cooked-in-the-bag, CFP oven cooks items such as meatballs, chicken, and other custom requests.

CFP and NPC have a relationship that ultimately benefits consumers because the cooked product is always made of the freshest, highest quality, finely trimmed protein available. CFP and NPC’s relationship also facilitates comprehensive beginning-to-end solutions for restaurants.

If a multi-unit operator desires cooked product, CFP can fulfill that need, while NPC can supply the raw portioned or ground product for in-house preparation and cooking. Quality remains consistent across the board, and the arrangement simplifies having to deal with multiple vendors for menu offerings.

CFP’s versatility is similar to NPC’s. If a product is not offered, CFP can either create a new recipe or replicate an existing one. CFP is a creative commercial kitchen first and foremost yet produces a high volume of ready-to-heat products on a cost-saving production line scale.

Whether it's slow-cooked and sucullent, or oven-baked and crispy, you will savor every bite.

Taste of Mexico

CFP’s Pork Carnitas are as tender, delicious, and succulent as the meat looks. The flavors, a blend of slow-roasting herbs and spices, make it a favorite among consumers of all ages.

More Meatballs Please

Meatballs are a signature product of CFP. They are oven-baked, not fried, for an authentic home-cooked taste and appearance. The range of offerings extends from all-natural to gluten-free to value-based recipes or to your recipe.

Creamy Goodness

CFP’s creamy chicken pot pie is made from lean chicken and fresh vegetables and potatoes. It is slow-cooked and ready to be transferred into a pie crust or served alongside biscuits.