The center of the plate is the center of attention. Reputations are built around the center of the plate. It must have a consistent presentation in appearance, flavor, and portion.

NPC’s skilled employees hand-cut all the meat. Each piece is cut with precision and trimmed to perfection. NPC’s portion control is a reliable, cost-efficient option for restaurants and food service operators.

Our flexibility to provide exactly what you desire makes us a unique partner in the meat processing industry.

Cut and trimmed to your specifications—with guaranteed consistency.

Hassle Free

After each piece of meat is hand-cut, it’s individually packaged. The date is stamped on each package to help you manage inventory dates and product rotation.


NPC is a member of the North American Meat Processors Association and helped pioneer the Meat Buyer’s Guide, an industry standard for food-serving establishments. NPC cuts their meat to NAMP specifications or to a client’s special request.

Behind The Scenes

Team NPC is comprised of a diverse group, some young, some old, some from nearby, some from afar—but they all have in common one special trait: the training required to consistently meet your COP needs.