NPC’s grinding operation ranges from all-natural to grass-fed to a multitude of custom blends that include pork, turkey, veal, and seafood. Sausage is also one of our specialties—from Vermont maple syrup breakfast links to Irish bangers to Italian to any custom ethnicity recipe imaginable.

NPC offers several grinding choices. We can coarse grind for retailers, who can then regrind. This method brings out the eye-catching rich reds in a retail meat case. We can also supply finely ground. We can form patties to look either uniform or handmade. Either way, the tenderness is maintained by minimal handling and gently kneading the strands together to keep the meat from becoming dense.

We can ship in bulk or individually packaged.

By far, the best burger you will ever taste—and, by far, the best Vermont maple sausage you will ever taste.


In addition to custom blends, NPC will design burgers in a number of shapes, sizes, and thicknesses. Our premium Vermont Country Farms® ground beef will change the standard by which you judge a burger. Try one and taste the difference that local and fresh make!


Using state-of-the-art grinders to process the meat, NPC employees then hand-pack the ground protein—immediately after grinding—to reduce further machine handling, which often results in less-tender meat.


NPC’s sausage blends are unique and rich in flavor—from real Vermont maple syrup to Italian to Irish. The Irish banger recipe is authentic, originating straight from Ireland.