NPC can replicate any flavor, or it can help develop an entirely new flavor experience. Finding the right balance of seasoning is an art of subtlety and a science of sensory.

Working with many of the world’s foremost spice and flavor companies since NPC’s inception has provided unparalleled solutions to complex taste requests. Additionally, this unique alliance allows NPC to provide all-natural and gluten-free options whenever possible.

After a recipe is developed, specialized equipment within the facility maximizes the distribution of spice or marinade across the protein—allowing the flavors to penetrate and spread—so there is consistency for a rewarding bite each time.

NPC, as a provider of custom seasoning solutions, has placed a strong emphasis on recipe research and development over the years and continues to do so. This knowledge base often shortens the guesswork required to reach the ultimate flavor experience for a creative menu.

Developing proprietary flavors that align with your COP goals is our first-priority—and our unique expertise.

Saving Time & Money

Large vacuum tumblers permeate the seasoning into the protein with equal and consistent coverage. This process saves restaurants money by eliminating the time, labor, and marinade required at the kitchen level.

All Natural Marinades

NPC prides itself on offering all-natural marinades. Non-GMO and non-allergen ingredients are available too. Just as lot traceability extends to all protein that NPC processes, ingredients and seasonings are traceable.

Just In Time Delivery

Marinated products are produced to order and individually vacuum-packed and dated—to maintain the freshest flavor.