Our Brands

NPC and CFP sell products under the labels outlined below. All brands are sold in bulk or packaged for retail.

Vermont Country Farms®

Vermont Country Farms® All Natural Ground Beef will change the standard by which you judge a great burger. Try making one today and taste the difference that local farms and fresh make! Packaged in bulk or for retail.

Vermont Country Farms® All Natural line is also available for chicken, Vermont maple sausages, shaved beef, corned beef hash and meatballs.


A True Irish Taste: Back Bacon, Bangers, Black and White Puddings

Tendercure Back Bacon: is made with traditional Yorkshire cured pork loins, which have 60% less calories than
regular U.S. bacon. This leaner cut provides a better cooking yield and a unique alternative to American Bacon. In addition to breakfast, it is ideal for a variety of other dishes—like the Irish BLT. Shannon® Back Bacon is available in 8 oz. retail packages.

Irish Bangers: are made with fresh locally sourced pork, rusk, and seasoning. They have no preservatives, so the bangers must be stored frozen. Shannon® Gold Pork Bangers are available in 1 lb. retail packages.

Irish Black and White Puddings: are a unique and integral part of the Irish breakfast. They are made with fresh local pork, authentic Irish spices, and traditional steel-cut Irish oats. Fully cooked and shipped frozen, Shannon® Irish Puddings are packed in 8 oz. chubs ready for reheating on your grill.

Danny Boy Brand

Corned Beef Brisket, Black and White Pudding, Boiling Bacon, Rashers and Bangers

NPC Brand

Fresh and Frozen Steaks, Chicken, Pork, Lamb, Veal, Ground Beef, Patties and Sausage

CFP Brand

Cooked Meatballs, Cooked Ground Beef, and a complete line of Sous Vide Proteins